How To Apply False Eyelashes: NEW 5 minutes Quick & Easy Method *BEGINNER FRIENDLY*


Are you really interested in false lashes but don’t really know how to apply it so it ends my looking wonky? 

'Ughh the inner part is already lifting?!! whatever I’ll just stick to mascara'


Or does it really just take too long to put on your lashes? 


We want to make sure you have the best lash experience and the first step is making sure you have nailed the false lashes application. 


We found the fastest technique to apply your false eyelashes!


The quickest and easiest way to apply false eyelashes in under 5 minutes, even if you are in a hurry to work or class, this method works!
You don’t even need tweezers or 100% concentration. 


What you will need : 
- A good pair of steady, comfortable cotton band lashes. Using false lashes with flimsy bands would not make your lash experience any easier, especially if you have short/curly lashes.
- A tiny brush with a rounded bottom ( small eye shadow brush would work)
- Lash glue. We love the Duo lash glue in the white and blue tube (Clear)


That’s all you’ll need. No tweezers needed in this method to apply your false lashes.
Enjoy this short video that demonstrates this quick and easy method in details. 


Now that you have learnt how to easily apply your false lashes, the next step is to decide your eye shape as this would help you pick out the best style. 


Stay tuned for that post. 


If there is any specific thing that you will like to learn, let us know! 


Will you be trying out this method ? Let us know by sending a DM to our Instagram. 


I hope you enjoyed this short read and short video! 


Till next time, have a lash-tastic week!